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Ma- megaannum
Ka- kiloannum
Ya- years ago

I am told the epic from a vacuous black jelly mouth, my earless face tuned, I’m the receptive of my kind, a taster of colors since the age of 1200, and a braggart to boot. The epic is of a land in flux. Time before the kid and Delaney, before sister and cousin Ray, before Ud, even before me. An accretion disc flowing around a young massive fire. Cosmic dust veil, moon formed of theia and an axis beaten too, could have been a scar, but she wore it well and remained jovial. She stagers as she walks, sways when she turns- but she’s a dancer because, not in spite of it, bulbous and damaged but never a troll. A wholehearted friendliness and a smoothing through time and abiogenesis. 4000 Ma and before.

Our first belts laid, impact events and thermal flux and life’s early diversification. (4000 Ma)Remains of early biotic life placed in what is now western Australia- if life arose quickly on earth then it could be common on the universe. Early life! Carbon breathers! Our country-est. cousins (3800 Ma). Abominations to our class today- but still the forebears of ATP- the same. Father always said “give respect where respect is due”.

The great wars of bacteria versus archaea unfolded, the victor got photosynthesis, and broke ground for the pillars of proton gradient- or so I’m told- you know how fallible history can be in an oxygen-less mass. The end to the warring states brought on a time of relative calm and plenty (3500 Ma).

The succeeding green generations produced oxygen as a waste product. What a happy accident! The new substance was clean and different. She gained an inside in relation to her outside. And iron ore fell from all over to settle in the great seas. Ah the sea! A cloudless formless black got its opposition- nay- not an opposition but her opposite, a partner. A ground fashioned her, and she enveloped it in embrace- no longer shapeless, infinite and unknowable, a home was raised, variation provided moments of respite. But the changes took time, hundreds of Ma! And her inhabitants struggled. Hurricane winds were a constant melee, and though our great cousins were trash, they gave their lives in the Oxygenation Event. Their deaths were not in vain, free-living citated protozoa and quilted squash roam the new clear, and rebuilt the ancient populations, though lost most of the old traditions (3000 Ma).

The ensuing years of the epic are a sort of renaissance for her, a rally cry to the senses- the time of free love. A loss of custom, un-bridlement from tradition gave space for action. Sweeping deviations- and magnanimous success.

Subuction! Deep plates writhe and form that which shall not be named.
A deep but quiet diversification occurs and membrane bound organelles get born from the cannibalism of the acritarchs. She pushes away the dreams of others to pursue life directed. PHAGOCYTOSIS and red beds favor spread (1850 Ma).

And here to pause, before this, we smashed and clawed in a great state of hurricane and war, acid rain, polluted and mal formed, and until the advent of above and below, had no other vestige of life or pleasure as we know. The world was shit, and our ancestors were surviving as beasts, burdened with preparation. During the building of the pillars of existence reproduction was a-sexual, I still use it today, keeps me young. But in the timeless time before, there was little for the individual to experience pleasure from. But the great up and down/above, below provided opportunity. Opportunity gave mobility and mobility allowed choice, and choice colored all of existence, a bootstrap to the heavens. The surface gave rise to smell, and smell yielded primordial attraction. SCENT! The enlivener of repulsion and attraction, and a spectrum bridge between each. Most smells were rotten and acidic, but there were glimmers- rainbows in darkness of deep excitement and potential. The excitement was intoxicating. And clinging to each other a great expansion of life occurred. Sexual reproduction!

Eukaryos, red algae, dinoflagellates, vaucherian algae, protozoa, and RNA are a couple of winners from the insurgency of love.

600 Ma- An ozone layer! Before this life basked in ultraviolet.

500 Ma- Blam! Cambrian Explosion! Modern animals and fungi make there rot seen.

Next comb jellies- the dumb bastards, sponges- you can imagine, coral and sea anemones. A great expanse of brainless flesh, I’ve seen diversity, but some wonder what’s the point?

542 Ma- present. Listen to this poem, its about the eon.

Crustaceans and mollusks and me- a radiolarian- timeless my nature, dividing to suspend change, when I’m tired I leave that body for fresh one, leave it to layer with the other discarded dead- leave it to remarkable change in the perfect pressure perfect heat you get black gold.
First foot falls on land, ease the prickle of nautiluses
Burgess Shale leaves a painted record and jawless fishes make beautiful countertops.
Sucking eels and urchins and algae walks from its parents basement and sucks carbon in the dry light.
Ray-finned fishes and scorpions, teeth happen
Lichens and mites and Shark Week- time’s a million years plus a million carnages, four-footers land grab, trying to forget the bloodbath.
You’ve got crabs in your ferny bush and shitty-faced hagfish, lizards and the original pain bestows the pre-mammals.
Crocodiles, beetles, conifers, terrafirma skibop and ashy unhip dinos.
98% gone fast forward 30 million years

marine revolution- delicious oysters and fish flippers, their bods adding to the great layering of earth, heat and compression makes bitumen.
Forests dominate the land; flies take up, turtles, t-rex and massive dinos, dinos, dinos, dinos, crabs and sponges, dinos, salamanders newts, add it to the black gold bank! Stacking change!
Dinos: Q: what did the momma pterodactyl say to the baby pterodactyl? A: sqreach!
Pre-bird- pompous and feathered- she will bank you too
First Blood suckers- we can all agree this is where evolution went wrong
Toothed diving birds
Snakes, ginger, ticks
Extinction event 50% off

Conifers and gingkoes- rodents- put em in the bank.
Meat eating mammals, bank
Chicken and owl, darkness, Songbirds, parrots, loons, swifts, whales, armadillos, bank
sharks pay reparations, allowed back
Rhinos, camels
Butterflies and moths dance to the up- give those feeling ugly a talisman to objectification.
Saber tooth kitties can open their mouth to 90 degrees wide and the smallest was 220 lbs.
Grasses and grasslands, sloths, eagles, hawks,
Giraffes, hyenas, bears, anteaters, lotsa birds
Mammut, kangaroo, mega fauna- big green you can take to the gold bank
Savannah, horses
Sub tribe of the Hominine tribe break away, just need some time alone- pre-Homos
Sloths, wolf, vultures
The giant American interchange, yes that’s right the south and the north once traded successfully!
Homo hint, genus homo, homo sward in the stone, clubbed the Neanderthals, colonize Africa, Africa colonizes Europe
ICE ICE baby
homos as we know them
Babylon paints its walls with dark rich bitumen.
Bamboo drilled wells in China- mythical black rock oil revered.
Petroleum traded as a commodity- like gold
dodo dead
first commercial oil well- taps the unlimited wealth of the black bank, mother is generous and spoils her babes.
Martha, the last passenger pigeon dies.
Hennery Ford paints cars black because black paint is the only color that will dry fast enough to keep up with production.
Blacktop, roofing, plastic, food-stuffs, aspirin, pharma., solvents, adhesives, pesticides, naphtha, paraffin.
2.19$ a gallon- what’s with this shitty state!
“5 stocks to watch on low gas prices”

Timeless Fetish